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Δ1278, Stacey Powell

Initiation Date


BS International Trade, MA Spanish

Graduation Date
1991, 1996

Website Creation Information

In keeping in the tradition of archiving Delta history, this relatively new entity of delta's, the Internet site, shall be no exception. The following is an account of the past and current web masters and their work since its beginning.

In 1994 this page was founded by Δ1143 Greg Turnquist on his personal school account. This was back in the earlier the development of the Internet when the web was considered a temporary novelty, the only browser at the time was mosaic, and HTML code was considered another Greek language of computers to the public world. Greg has since graduated with a masters degree in Computer Engineering and is now employed by Harris Corporation a computer company contracting out for the government and the military.

In 1997 The site was turned over to Δ1170 John Ward. John graduated from Auburn with a degree in Molecular Genetics. John made some improvements on the existing site while it was in his care.

In the winter of 2000, John Ward handed the site over to Δ1182, Mark Bransby. While the site was in Mark's Alpha Phi Omega's Cool Site Awardhands, the chapter decided to take on the responsibility maintaining the site. With this, the site was established as a responsibility of the chapter secretary.

Δ1188, Brad Pierce and Δ1186, Kevin Hicks formed the first ever chapter webteam in the winter of 2001. Their goal was simple. Totally revamp the existing site's look and to establish the chapter site as a place for all to go and stay in touch with what was going on in the chapter. Their goal was to create an interactive site that would benefit all who viewed it.

On May 1st, 2001 the chapter website was relocated to the Auburn University Department of Building Science web server. This move was instrumential in the development of ASP on the site and many new and exciting options were made available to the site. The webteam concept created a productive environment for web development in the chapter.

Beginning around the start of 2007 the website had to be relocated. It was decided that the website would be moved to an offsite host. After successfully moving the site, it now resides at it's new home,

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