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Δ1206, Adam Hall

Initiation Date


Mechanical Engineering

Graduation Date
Spring 2001

Personal Quote

Proud father as of April 27, 2005 Jackson S. Hall 7lbs. 8oz.

Kevin and his date Stephaine.

These guys arrived so early, they had plenty of time to take lots of pictures.

Moon and one of the Sweetheart canidates get down on the dance floor.

Chris and Jon with their dates.

Section 69 Chair, Mark Bransby and his girlfriend enjoy a slow song together.

The ladies man hard at work.

Justin and date pose for a picture.

Who is taking that picture?

John Ward, Delta 1170 made a surprise appearance.

Rob and sweetheart canidate pose for picture.

Everyone dance the night away to the music of the DJ.

Hey is that the electric slide?

These two take good pictures together.

Chris tries to master the art of self picture taking.

No formal is complete without a group photo.

Can't forget the crazy photo.

Take you Jenny for a great year and congrats to Katie for becoming the new Sweetheart.

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