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Entrepreneurship and Family Business

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May 2011

Construction for the luau party was slow to start off with, but picked up as time went on.

This is a before picture of Mike's backyard.

Another before shot.

This hole would eventually become the new pond.

Brothers had to dig out the existing structure and start from ground zero.

We removed the existing railroad ties and placed them to the side.

The hardest part about construction was deciding work exactly to do.

Originally, we did not plan on digging out the old pond.

The pond started to take shape after hours of digging.

Mike gets in the mud.

The mess seemed a bit overwhelming at times.

Most of the ties that we dug up were rotten.

Mike works on the side of the pond.

Moon looks over the work done so far.

The pond took the most time to fix up.

Another pond picture.

We originally did not plan on redoing the entire pond.

Moon chops away at a root.

More work on the pond.

Jon and Justin work on digging out the fire pit.

After we finally got the pond form it was time to start construction of the deck.

Jason works out some math on one of the boards.

During construction, the rest of the yard was a mess.

More work on the pit.

Random picture.

Jason and Kevin at the work they have done so far.

Once the posts were set, the pond really started to take shape.

Brothers had to work long days in order to finish on time.

Brothers take a break from working.

Robbie works on constructing the front bar.

Work continues into the night.

The fire pit is complete.

Brothers take a break and pose for the camera.

Group picture after a long hard day.

The deck starts to take shape.

Finishing touches are being put on the front bar.

The deck nears completion.

All the hard work is starting to payoff.

The rear bar under construction.

The rear bar complete.


Mike sits in his new pond.

Brothers built a bench in order for people to sit on during the luau.

Bar picture.

Some girls that came over to look at the changes that have been made.

The project is nearing completion.

Jimmy supervises the last little bit of work.

Mac works on hanging the lights around the pond.

Big Rob checks the stability of the deck.

Mac is having way too much fun in that water.

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