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Δ1077, Mark Webb

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Jon and Chad are looking at the same thing. Wonder what it could be?

Brothers and Pledges alike feast on the buffet at Golden Corral.

Brothers wait as the fall pledge class prepare the entertainment for the evening.

The pledges present the pledge project to the chapter.

Pledges standing around…hey we want entertainment.

Where's the entertainment?

Brother Scott Key is presented with the Outstanding Brother award.

Brother Key takes a group picture with the pledges.

Another group picture. This time Scott is paying attention.

Pledge Monroe presents his big brother, Jimmy Courington with a paddle.

Pledge Godfrey presents his big brother, Jamie Reid with a paddle.

Pledge Jon Causey presents his big brother, Justin Gallups with a paddle.

Brother Key presents the outstanding pledge award.

Pledge Godfrey is awarded the outstanding pledge award.

Pledge Godfrey says a few long words.

Finally the entertainment. It ended up being a game show presented and performed by the pledges.

Andrew was the game show host.

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