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Δ1148, John Strada

Initiation Date


M.A., B.A. Communication, BS Aviation Management

Graduation Date
FA-93 AMN; SP-95 COM, SP-99 M.A. (COM)

Personal Quote

Cowardice asks the question - is it safe? Vanity asks the question - is it popular? Expediency asks the question - is it political? But conscience asks the question - is it right? There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, popular, or political; but because it is right. -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The obligatory group photo. Thanks to all that came out and helped with this great project!

Delta picked up a total of 76 bags of trash from the roads around Camp Cosby.

The brothers rested in the cabins at the camp. Too early in the morning to get up!

Before the trash bags…

Another shot of the crew resting before work in the morning.

Trash bags piled in the back of 1209 David Self's truck.

More morning shots…

1214 Chris Smith unloads trash bags into the dumpster.

Time to wake up!

The dumpster is now full!

But I don't wanna wake up!

Brothers wait to go to work Saturday morning.


We're still not going yet…

Look! It's 1203 Jason Moon!

Breakfast was provided inside the mess hall by camp staff.

Here we have 1215 Mike Watts waking up.

Brothers work on building a new set of stairs up to one of the cabins.

Time to wake up!

Another shot of the new stairs and landing brothers constructed to the cabins.

Don't we look comfy?

1147 Jimmy Courington and 1214 Chris Smith pose for the camera.

Style even in the great outdoors: 1223 Jason Wright.

Brothers line up for breakfast in the morning.

Many thanks to the camp staff for cooking us such a fine meal.

County Road 054, leading to Cosby, was cleaned up.

Here, brothers work picking up trash along the road.

Another shot of brothers working to clean up trash.

Yet another shot of brothers cleaning up trash.

Brothers from Beta Zeta and Delta Kappa chapters joined Delta in service at Camp Cosby.

Heal thyself!!!

Brothers working on the staircase on one of the cabins.

Brothers meeting for lunch at the mess hall.

1215 Mike Watts surveys the work.

Brothers gathered for lunch in the mess hall.

Thanks again to the camp staff for the cooking. What a great project.

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