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Δ1077, Mark Webb

Initiation Date

Graduation Date

Getting ready for the opening ceremony.

Opening ceremony.

Presentation of the Colors.

Kevin sings songs in the morning to wake up the campers.

Kevin led the songs that were sung in the morning.

Way up in the sky, the big birdies fly. While down in the nest the little birdies restů

Wake up guys. Get those bodies moving.

Hey Mark, the song is over. You can get up now.

Scouts get involved with singing the songs.

Grand Ole Duke of York, he had ten-thousand menů

A scout shows Chris how he learned how to tie a bowline.

Jamie and Lil Rob were in charge of the rope burning event at the Camporee.

Nice jerseys.

The rope burning event turned out to be a lot of fun. Good job Jamie and Lil Rob.

Chris mans the knot judging chair.

Kevin gives some help on how to tie this particular knot.

Kevin and Pledge Chuck man the knot event while listening to the Auburn game.

The Camporee was held in a pecan field in Tuskegee, AL.

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