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Δ1318, John Mayhall

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"It is not an easy journey. Sometimes even friends will mock you, tempt you to betray your promise, test your resolution often, often try to make you faithless. All the world may seem against you, and the path seem dark and lonely. All your strength will be required when you face the isolation which a leader often faces." -Kitchkinet

Delta helped the SGA with a Candlelight vigil held on held Sep. 12. Here brothers help make yellow ribbons.

More ribbons.

Delta Chapter donated over 500 candles for the service, which were given out to everyone attending.

Ribbons, ribbons, and more ribbons.

Along with handing out candles, Delta also collected money for the American Red Cross at the vigil.

Luminaries were also used to light up the edges of the sidewalks.

Over 2000 people showed up for the vigil. It was truly a site to be seen.

Brothers Scott and Justin hand out candles.

A big thanks go out to O Phi A for helping with passing out the candles.

Pledge Chad lights someone's candle.

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