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Δ1247, James Brock

Initiation Date



Graduation Date

Personal Quote

I'm the red head

I think it is broken.

No Rob, that is not sucker.

One word…sunscreen.

Cush and Kev pose for a picture.

Spinnaker's will never be the same.

Fort Delta.

Cushen works on the main castle of Fort Delta.

Fort Delta start to take shape.

Group photo.

Just hanging out on the deck after arriving in PC.

The party has begun, don't wait up.

Cheers from Spinnaker's.

What do we do now?

Until next year…Delta House Party

Kevin starts construction on the sauna.

When the beverages run out, so do Delta brothers (to get more that is).

The creature of PC appears "with sharp pointy teeth."

The Gulf of Mexico rolling in.

Brothers, Kevin, Brad, and Ed, have a beer pow-wow.

We shall protect our bud light at all cost.

Castle Anthrax - I suppose.

The preliminary stages of Bud Light, Inc.

"Working in a coal mine, goin down, down…"

Jonathan (D1224) standing guard.

El Castle de "Bud Light" - constructed by Delta Chapter, LLC.

Ed, Kevin, and Brad enjoy the beach in style.

Dang it, why did I leave the cooler on the beach.

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