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Δ890, Frank Buttler

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1978 EE

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David poses for the camera while waiting for everyone to arrive.

The entertainment for the morning has to of been watching the dogs play with each other.

Play nice you two.

Still waiting...

The project was at Dean Foy's house on Lake Martin. Lowell Ledbetter, Foy's neighbor and also past chapter advisor asked for the chapter to help.

All of the rain had washed up a hugh amount of rubbish onto the beach.

We had no idea just how much crap was still just floating in the water.

Can we say rakes and shovels?

Entire trees had to be floated out of the cove.

Miss Auburn and Mac are about to have it out. Mac does not have a chance.

Delta 878, Lowell Ledbetter

Brother Ledbetter and his wife treated everyone to lunch and dinner for helping out during the day.

Shirts should be required!


We were able to clean almost the entire shore line before the end of the day.

Miss Auburn helped with the project by swimming out and fetching sticks from the lake.

There is Kevin sporting the jersey.

Mac ended up getting a little red before the end of the day.

Chris and Jon are no longer allowed to use the camera.

Random picture of the ground.

The burn pile we built was something to be admired.

Everyone relaxed a bit after a hard days work.

David is passed out on the ground.

Dean Foy's grandson ended up showing up and took some of the brothers for a ride in their boat. FUN!

Moon man.

Everyone watching Auburn.

Group picture with Lowell.

We would like to thank Lowell for having us up and letting us help out.

Miss Auburn is starting to crash.

If you wondering if she is asleep, the answer is yes.

So tired.

A handful of people made a trip up to 1172's place to campout for the night on an island.

The only island we ended up staying on was the Ed Day Island. Ask 1172 and he will tell you all about it.

Ed Day's back porch. Everyone hanging out having a good time.

Jon is no longer allowed to play with the camera.

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