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Δ1162, John Hathcock

Initiation Date


Mechanical Engineering

Graduation Date
6 June 1996

Personal Quote

"Do what you've always done and you'll get what you've always gotten." -1150
"Change done by you is invigorating, while change done to you is debilitating." -Unknown.

Uno was the entertainment for most of the project.

These are some serious UNO players.

Victory is bitter sweet.

Read the hat, it speaks for itself.

Jersey 1

Jersey 2

Jersey 3

Jersey 4

Entrance to the camp.

Delta enjoys working with the Y on many different types of projects.

The focus of this project was working on some existing erosion control.

David watches from a distance.

Something always has to get broken. Someone sprung a leak.

Erosion control...take 2.

Mac has lost his marbles.

Jason Moon

Jon Wright

Picture of the camp.

Jersey 5

Seatbelts people.

Everyone seemed to have a good time at this particular project. Good job Delta.

Brothers hangout on the deck.

These cabins look like huge tents.

David hibernates.

David, BR, and Mike pose for a quick picture.

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