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Δ1254, James (Jersey) Scott

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aerospace eng.

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Wow i can graduate

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"Cursed be this blessed gift of consciousness."-Family moto

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Over the years, since Delta's founding in 1927, a significant heritage has evolved about the Chapter. Tradition reaches into and affects all phases of our Fraternity. At Delta we feel that in order for an organization like ours to have a strong service program, we must also have a strong fellowship program. Our chapter is proud of the fellowship that we share. The chapter has 3 main fellowship events each year:

Homecoming Dance

Every year Delta brothers help our Auburn Tigers celebrate their homecoming football game. Since our chapter was founded on October 31, 1927, we celebrate our anniversary that weekend as well . The day of homecoming, usually all of the brothers try and make it to the game. Before the game we welcome alumni brothers in town by throwing a big tailgate party on campus. After the game is over, it is time for some fun and fellowship at the annual homecoming dance.

Sweetheart Ball

Much of Delta's social life centers around the Chapter Sweetheart. As the Chapter's hostess, the Sweetheart helps at parties, banquets, conferences, and other official functions. Not all chapters have sweethearts, but this unique position has long been a tradition with Delta. At the beginning of the winter semester, Delta goes on the look for a new sweetheart. She is usually a member of a sorority on Auburn's campus. Canidates are sent by different sororities and the brotherhood holds Teas in order to meet them. After the Teas the ladies go through a short interview process. A new Sweetheart is elected by the brothers of the chapter and she is inducted at the the Sweetheart Ball.

The Sweetheart Ball is held around mid Febuary. This is a formal event, for the purpose of honoring the outgoing Sweetheart and welcoming the newly-elected Sweetheart.

Spring Banquet

The Spring Banquet, a tradition in years past, has recently returned to Delta's schedule of events. At this banquet, awards are presented and the events of the past year are remembered.

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