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Δ822, Phillip (Phil) Hodgens

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When ever things look really hopeless, there will always be someone who will stand up and take charge. Unfortunately they are usually nuts.

David takes a quick nap before the banquet gets going.

Pledge Robbie gets ready to present something to the chapter.

Jon and Chris see something interesting at the bar. I wonder what that could be?

Pledge Ross and Big Brother Rob.

Another picture from across the table.

Kevin takes cleaning your plate to the extreme. Long live OEAP baby!

I am David and I am here for your first born.

Causey gets amused by something at the table.

Pledge Brad Hill ponders the meaning of life.

Massey sneaks a smile in there.

Guys this is suppose to be fun, not a chapter meeting.

Leave it to Rob to act a fool.

The pledges start presenting awards to brothers of the chapter.

Massey takes a picture with his award.

David receives a piece of trash.

This trash was found on the chapter's adopt-a-mile.

No comment. I think the picture speaks for itself.

Again no comment.

BR gets a drinking a award of some kind.

Mike receives an old lunch box.

The amazing box of stuff.

Ancient markings from the stone age.

Trivia was the entertainment for the evening.

Cute Jimmy, very cute.

This is the world in the eyes of David.

Massey if really proud of his award.

The first gift to the chapter was this very gavel striker plate.

This was the actual gift. Very impressive guys.

Everyone was very pleased and impressed with the pledge project.

Massey receives a paddle from his little brother.

Big Rob receives a paddle from his little brother.

Robbie and Big Rob.

Little Rob receives a paddle from his little brother.

David receives a paddle from his little brother.

Massey and his little Brad.

Black-n-Tan family picture.

David and his little John.

Jason Moon was picked as the outstanding brother by the pledge class.

John Dozier was picked as the outstanding pledge by the pledge class.

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